This research fellowship was conducted under the Kenneth R. Lutchen Distinguished Research Fellowship program, in which ten students out of nearly 1,650 undergraduates are selected annually to receive a full-time, paid, summer research fellowship with a College of Engineering faculty mentor during either sophomore or junior year.

For this summer (and remainder of the year), I conducted research to learn more about lacerations received by adolescent alpine skiers, in the hopes of developing textiles that would act resistant to those injuries, and am grateful to have worked under the guidance of Dr. Christie Bielmeier.

More information about this research can be found in the Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part P: Journal of Sports Engineering and Technology, under the article titled 'Survey of laceration injuries experienced by US adolescent and young adult alpine skier racers during the 2018–2019 ski season.'  Access to the research can be furnished upon request.

completion date
December 31, 2020
6 months
kenneth r. lutchen distinguished research fellowship
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