Elevate combines the best features from Reddit, TikTok, and Kickstarter to provide a platform on which sustainably-minded BIPOC entrepreneurs can share their business ideas for crowdfunding. The application includes resources about conscious consumerism, increases accessibility to eco-friendly alternatives, and amplifies underrepresented voices in the business space.

Elevate eliminates influencer marketing by removing the ‘social’ aspect of competitor apps and instead focuses on the people behind the brand. The platform’s ‘Lobby’ includes an elevator chart where people can anonymously upvote ideas for businesses to rise up the ranks to gain more exposure. The Lobby also includes a daily livestream feature of a randomly selected business, where potential customers can learn more and back the project.

With ‘Elevator Pitch’ storefronts, businesses gain a dedicated customer base and the opportunity to be seen by investors, while also enabling customers to round up to the nearest dollar to back other charitable organizations.

completion date
July 26, 2020
24 hours
1st Place as Most Experienced Team in Social Inequality Track at HackDuke’s IDEATE

In the 24 hours that we had to come up with a clickable prototype, we went straight for Miro, where we were able to sticky note all of our ideas. We came up with the premise of Elevate from our own experience of struggling to find sustainable BIPOC small businesses to support. After doing some research, we realized that people would support growing businesses as long as they are accessible: hence our focus on crowdfunding.

I was in charge of creating the branding and assets for the application. After discussing the team's vision and reviewing their moodboards, I set out to find a welcoming, earthy color palette that would reflect the sustainable mission. I also designed simplified elevator icons to go with the theme of climbing to different levels.

final product
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